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'Hands, face, space' Department of Health launches campaign pushing basic coronavirus messages. 'Hands, message751952 face, space' will feature on TV, radio and online adverts, as well as billboards across the UK after young people were accused of ignoring key measures and driving up infections. 7 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed How We Shop for Food. Oranges and frozen foods are being snapped up. Shelves have fewer choices. And customers are steering their carts in surprising new directions. Belarus, Hong Kong Protests, How does the WNBA playoffs work What time does the global citizen concert start U.K. Coronavirus Your Monday Briefing. Heres what you need to know. How many hours does Beyonce work a day Does PNC have free checking accounts to Open a Top-Tier Restaurant in a Pandemic? Rethink Everything. This one, Ever, Chas debuts Tuesday in Chicago with a pricey tasting menu and a world-class chef. But on the road to its opening, lofty visions have met hard reality. Dr. Seymour Schwartz, Who Wrote the Book on Surgery, Dies at 92. His name is synonymous with his field He was a founding editor of Schwartzs Principles of Surgery, a seminal textbook for medical students. Will Buffett's $6bn bet help boost Japan's stock market? Although President Abe will not go until his successor is appointed, the stock market was not initially impressed by his impending departure, falling sharply in response. Money tight? Now Is the water blue in Fort Lauderdale Is Vince McMahon one of the richest man in the world the perfect time to sell your car as the second-hand market booms. Used car dealer Tony Bakhos from Sydney Car Exchange in Five Dock said the second-hand market is currently 'a seller's market' due to increased demand for used cars. Ex-Neighbours star Scarlet Vas caught up in the California wildfires. Former Neighbours star Scarlet Vas has revealed her horror after watching the Californian wildfires come dangerously close to her new home. The Indirect Costs at College Can Involve Nasty Surprises. Expenses for books, transportation and food outside a meal plan may be a problem for poor and moderate-income students, a new report finds. Corporate America Agrees Black Lives Matter. What Comes Next? In a recent DealBook forum, Times journalists took stock of how much the countrys most powerful companies are backing up statements against systemic racism. Afghan translators send letter to UK to beg for sanctuary. More than 100 former Afghan translators for the British military have warned that the Taliban will hunt them down if they are left in their home country - and that their deaths will shame Britain. A Basketball Friendship Became a Tag Team for Social Justice. Natasha Cloud of the Mystics and Bradley Beal of the Wizards are leading their teams in a joint push against racism in Washington, D.C. Parties and Covid-19 Outbreaks Threaten University Reopenings in the U.S. Xi Jinping declared success in suppressing Chinas outbreak. South Koreas young doctors returned to work after a strike. States and cities in the U.S. are planning fiscal maneuvers in case Congress cant agree on a fiscal relief package. Millions Have Lost Health Insurance in Pandemic-Driven Recession. A new study estimates that more than five million American workers lost their insurance this spring, comment-51016 a number higher than those in any full year of insurance losses. Steps 'are owed nearly 70,000 from liquidated tour company'. According to a report from The Mirror on Tuesday, the group were among the creditors for the company, which went into voluntary liquidation last month.