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Best Presentation Awards


ISLT 2018 has awarded to the best presenters among the young researchers, as the following:


Name of Presenter


Title of the Presentation

Vinh Phu Pham

Thuyloi University, Vietnam

Using Denitrification to Microbially Reduce Water Saturation for Soil Improvement

Sailesh Shrestha

Saga University

Evaluation of Factors Affecting Bending Failure and Tensile Strength, Modulus of Soil-Cement Columns in Ariake Clay

Ngoc Hieu Dao

Thuyloi University, Vietnam

A New Approach for Generating Contour Lines of Bivariate Exceedance Probability: Application to Hydrology

Pawinee Iamtrakul

Thammasat University, Thailand

A Study on Intermodal Transfers of Phetchaburi Station by Linking Bangkok’s Canals Networks to Mass Rapid Transit Lines

Tran Dang An

The University of Tsukuba, Japan

Characteristics of Seawater Intrusion in Coastal Region of the Vietnamese Mekong Delta

Noordiah Helda

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

Evaluation of TRMM Multi-Satellite Prediction Analysis (TMPA) Product (3B42) over Indonesia (1998-2017)


Selected Papers

Selected papers from ISLT 2018 will be published in a special issue of the journal of Lowland Technology International (indexed in EI, SCOPUS, etc.).